Hattiesburg, Mississippi

49 Antique & flea market

Policies and procedures

1. Hours open to the public will be 9am until 5pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Office hours are 8am until 5pm.

2. Vendors must pay their booth rent and receive a receipt in advance of the weekend in order for the market to guarantee booth

    space. Any booths not reserved and paid for by 12 noon on Friday will be rented on a first come first serve basis. (Vendors booth

    space is considered the total number of booths rented.)

3. Any sub-leasing of booths will be at the discretion of the management.

4. Pre-payment for the next weekend is required for any vendor leaving items or merchandise in their assigned booth(s) during the

    week unless prior arrangements with the management have been made.

5. Any and all items/merchandise will become the property of the 49 Flea Market after a period of three (3) weeks if

     a. Left unattended in the market OR

     b. Booth rent has not been paid for that time unless WRITTEN prior arrangements have been made with the management.

6. Taxes (7% of total sales) will be collected at the close of each weekend. Tax forms will be furnished. Due to state tax regulations,

    vendors with tax numbers will not be exempt from this.

7. Electricity is furnished with each booth; however, we ask that you not use high wattage appliances such as coffee pots, heaters,

    etc. If in doubt, please ask before you plug it in.

8. It is recommended that vendors obtain liability, and/or workman's compensation insurance. The 49 Flea Market accepts NO

    responsibility for personal, monetary or property loss to vendor or merchandise. Additionally, in the event the 49 Flea Market is

    sued for any negligent acts of a vendor, the 49 Flea Market's insurance will subrogate against that vendor for the full amount of

    loss paid.

9. Any permits required by the vendors will be the responsibility of that vendor (excluding sales tax which will be handled by policy


10. All merchandise is to be kept in the vendors assigned space. Any alterations must have the approval of management. Electricity

      is provided; please do not run extension cords in the isles.

11. Banned items include ALL FOOD ITEMS (unless approved by management), illegal, offensive and/obscene items, dangerous

      animals, drugs or alcohol item. WHEN IN DOUBT, CONTACT THE MANAGEMENT PRIOR TO DISPLAYING.

12. Vendors are responsible for the clean up of their area. A cleaning charge will be imposed for those that can't clean up their booth.

      Please be considerate of your neighbor's booth space.

13. All vendors are expected to dress appropriately. No clothing which is offensive in nature or with obscene signage will be allowed.

      Management's discretion is final.

14. Excessively loud noises are not permitted.

15. At this time, we do not have hookups for RV's. However, vendors may remain on the parking lot overnight at no charge.

      ABSOLUTELY NO DISCHARGES OF ANY KIND ARE ALLOWED. Any unattended vehicles, campers or trailers are to be left at

      the owner's risk.

16. Please use courtesy for your neighbor in that your display does not block the adjoining booth.

17. No displays which create a safety hazard (AS DETERMINED BY THE MANGEMENT) are allowed.

18. The 49 Antique & Flea Market management reserves the right to refuse admission to any seller. The management also reserves the right to interpret any of these stated policies and will be the sole arbitrator in any situations that may arise.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Please do not hesitate to let us know any suggestions on how to improve our market.  We strive, along with our hardworking vendors, to make our market a great experience for every customer!!  Once again, welcome to the 49 Antique & Flea Market.